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Vision Wear Spotted: #laxfitgrid and giveaway every week

It's commonly claimed that lacrosse players take the most pride in their gear among all athletes. 

Just last week an Instagram image shared by Vision Wear founder, Matt Tse, was featured on the trending social media account, Laxfitgrid.

The trending account features fan submitted gear setups on the daily. With only 73 posts and just under 5000 followers, the account is definitely still young but with the rapid growth of the game of lacrosse and over 743 images that have been submitted, we're excited to see it blow up.

Laxers are notorious for sporting a unique kind of swagger unlike any other sport and Vision Wear is excited to be a part of that trend.

At Vision wear we embrace the individual and want to be a part of how you stand out from your competition.

Share a picture of your gear (whatever sport it may be) with us on instagram or twitter explaining why you should win Vision Wear socks and tag @_VisionWear for your chance to win free socks to match your setup!

We'll be picking a new winner every week of October.

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