About Us — Vision Wear

The Vision:

Growing up, our coaches would remind us to, "have vision." But what did that mean? 

As we developed as athletes so did our appreciation for The Vision. From a fixation on scoring to a near-telepathic connection with our teammates, The Vision became a widening perspective, eventually transcending sport. 

It is the courage to dare, the determination that never breaks, the curiosity to discover, and the compassion that unites.  

The Come-Up:

In 2014, 3 college freshmen were frustrated by too many raggy, ripped socks. As lacrosse players, we understood that the sock was more than just a garment. It is a humble foundation. It is a staple with a statement. It was outdated.

After years rigorous testing and other shenanigans, Vision Lacrosse had engineered the optimal balance of style, performance, and comfort in a sock — battle-ready for the field, office, and nights out. The once-overlooked sock forged a brand dedicated to lacrosse lifestyle, performance, and culture.

Welcome to the Vision.

Vision Wear Founders. Dobson Cup McGill Startup AND Ontario Lacrosse Festival  


There's a unique magic to your first ground ball battle, team lunches in the parking lot between games, and those long and early-morning road trips on the weekend to battle it out at the next tournament.

Vision Wear strives to capture this beautiful essence of our sport and embody it in our lifestyle brand; lacrosse lifestyle apparel built by a lacrosse players, for a lacrosse players.


Sailboat Socks Performance Running on Field

Our product is engineered for function. More than a flashy look, our unique apparel are made to last in the most trying of environments – optimized for sport, the weekend, or the workplace.

Our socks incorporate compression like technology, strategic ventilation, and reinforced padding to ensure that you are performing the best. Check out the technical features.


Montreal Iroquois Canada 150 Lacrosse Celebrations

We're grateful to have been shared the game of lacrosse, which has been played on turtle island (North America) since the creation of these lands. Lacrosse, as played today, comes from the rich history and culture of the Haudenosaunee peoples; it carries meaning greater than simple sport.

Gifted this experience, we seek to embrace this culture as students of the game — honouring and its spirit. Interested in this history? Click here to learn more.

Social Impact:

Rooted in our lacrosse beginnings, we strive to use our company as a platform for empowering those in need. Lacrosse originates with the Iroquois, a First Nations people of North America. In their culture, it is known as "The Medicine Game"; when there is illness in the community, lacrosse is played as an act of solidarity to empower those in need. 

We carry this spirit into our business with our social impact initiative: The Sock-for-Sock Mission. 

Beginning in 2019, we will be donating one pair of socks to local charities for every online order made.

Why? Socks are one of the most needed clothing items by charities. Yet, they are one of the least donated.

By making a purchase with Vision socks, you're giving warm, clean, and dry feet for somebody in need. 

What Makes Our Socks The BEST:


We are humbled by the journey so far and grateful for everybody who has supported our entrepreneurship every step of the way.

We have been inspired by the new friendships our business has built, the opportunities we have had to learn, and the exciting future of our online sock store.

Thank you for joining the Vision.


Matt, Tom, and Dan