The Medicine Game and a Reflection on Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown: Lacrosse Black Lives Matter

Yesterday was the 4-year anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s passing. It’s hard not to reflect on his legacy in these times.

It’s hard not to reflect on his legacy in these times. The #tbt above is a photo of him and Jim Brown, among others – yes, Brown played #lacrosse AND was one of the best! 🤯

But the photo’s significance is more than two of the best athletes sitting beside each other; it captures a moment of solidarity when being vocal was contentious.
As lacrosse players, we share a passion for a First Nations’ sport. Yet, lacrosse means so much more.

The Iroquois call it The Medicine Game: when there is illness in the community, lacrosse is an act of solidarity

In the spirit of the Medicine Game, we remind ourselves and other lacrosse players that we are #MoreThanAnAthlete. We are part of a larger community.

There is illness in this community. Systemic marginalization persists.

We stand against institutionalized violence.

We condemn Neo-colonialism.

In Solidarity,
Matt + Dan + Tom
Vision Lacrosse

#BLM #BlackLivesMatter

Jim Brown Lacrosse Syracuse


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