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Meet Tehoka Nanticoke

Tehoka Nanticoke Drives net against USA

The 6'1", 215 lb attackman hailing from the Mohawk Nation raised a lot of eyebrows earlier this July at the 2016 U19 World Championships of Lacrosse. His remarkable performance merited him a rewarding spot on the All-World Team and Tournament Attack MVP.

Referred to as "the Human Highlight Reel" by the commentators of the games and commonly compared to the likes of Gary Gait or even the Thompson brothers, Tehoka brought a fresh creativity to the Championship that immediately started a buzz. 

He displayed his flare at each game, no matter the stakes, and, with consistently mesmerizing and masterful showmanship, managed to burry the ball in a fashion never quite seen in the sport before.

Gary had his "Air Gait"; the Thompsons have their signature shovel shots; Tehoka brought it all. I mean, he was scoring while diving, without looking, shovelling, buzzer beating, one-handedly — you name it, and he had had done it. And done it in against the best players in the world at his age group. 

Tehoka Nanticoke dives by crease with shovel shot

We had the pleasure of meeting Tehoka after his first game against the Australian team, and here's what he had to say:

For a player so praised in such a competitive arena, he had been one of the most humble athletes we've ever met. Converse to the fierce tenacity he brings with his game, he was happy to meet fans after the matches and share his passion for the sport with the players coming from across the globe. 

Tehoka was truly a shining star in this competition, and a we cannot wait to see him tear it up with Albany. 

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