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Hong Kong Collab: 852 Lax x Vision

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Those who have been following the world of lacrosse know that the game has proliferated globally at an unprecedented rate. With the 2018 FIL World Championship around the corner, an astounding 48 nations are preparing their finest talent for the games.

Hong Kong is one of those nations.

We have had the privilege of immersing ourselves into the Hong Kong lacrosse scene over the past few months and have been captivated by the community. Hong Kong’s legacy of lacrosse extends over 25 years; however, a recent surge of participation has introduced a new generation of players – a generation of immensely impressive potential.

This new generation has been fostered under a relatively newly structured governing body that has introduced youth, secondary school, and high performance programs for the male and female game. The cornerstone of the sport in Hong Kong has called the University of Hong Kong (HKU) its home.


Hong Kong University Lacrosse HKU

Wesley Wong has been playing lacrosse for 6 years and, like the vast majority of local players, he began playing during his freshman year at HKU. Wesley is also a current member of Hong Kong’s national team and co-owner of 852 Lax (we'll get to that in a second). “Almost every Hong Kong player has their origins at HKU,” he explains,

“Every hall (dormitory) has its own team… this is where many first pickup the game of lacrosse”

From here, brave and curious freshmen funnel into the flourishing competitive lacrosse community. Senior teammates share coaching roles and pass their knowledge to the newcomers in hopes of forging a winning tradition for their respective halls. The eager players, Wesley notes, continue their growth by studying videos on Youtube. These inter-hall athletes embrace intense fraternity in representing their dormitories with the hopes of hoisting a trophy at the end of their 3-month season.

“We all start at the same time. Your history doesn’t matter. When you step on the field,

...its all about who puts the most work in. You can see the difference."

The best players find themselves with invitations to the High Performance Program, an elite development squad that represents Hong Kong and feeds into the National team. “It’s a rare opportunity and you learn so much about the more advance dynamics of the game,” Wesley reflects.

852 Lax

Apart from a mutual passion with Wesley for lacrosse on the field, we also share an entrepreneurial ambition. Wesley is one of the co-owners of 852 Lax, a local lacrosse company that makes lacrosse equipment more accessible in Hong Kong. "852 Lax is more than just a lacrosse retailer", Wesley’s co-owner, Ken Hirata, explains,

"the goal is to build a community."

Beyond providing affordable equipment, 852 Lax hosts tutorials in the halls for skills such as stringing. This grass-root ambition to help grow the game resonates deeply with our brand, and is something we wanted to get behind.


This is why we are proud to announce our first collaboration with 852 Lax: our “Hong Kong” cap. The streamlined cap introduces our new lightweight performance fabric, perfect for the tropical summer heat. Embroidered on the front is the five-petaled Bauhinia blakeana flower found on the national flag. Additionally, the embroidery on the back displays Chinese calligraphy for “Hong Kong” while also resembling the characteristic neon signs of its urban night. This detail pays homage to the unique clash of tradition and modernity that defines Hong Kong.

852 Hong Kong Lacrosse hat details

Our hope is that this lightweight performance cap serves as a piece of national pride for local players to wear and helps them spread their passion for lacrosse with the rest of Hong Kong.

Buy yours exclusively at 852 Lax:

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