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Featured on Super Stringing Lacrosse

We make lacrosse lifestyle apparel for lacrosse players. And part of that process is actually getting our gear in the hands of those lacrosse players. Pretty straightforward stuff, eh. 

Well, we came across Super Stringing Lacrosse's Youtube channel a couple months back and we were beyond impressed with what he was doing. Jack Townsend started his Youtube channel in grade 9 for his freshman year school project. 

The goal of this project was to put together a report of something you are passionate about, and Jack chose to report on his journey with lacrosse for that year. Since its creation, Super Stringing has grown to become a notable character in the online realm for lacrosse. Catering to the needs and wants of a growing 2400 subscriber following. Jack shares his take on stringing, game theory, lacrosse news/highlights, and countless product reviews. 

What we love about his channel is that he stands with a motto that we work by: by lacrosse players, for lacrosse players. 

Jack has been putting in tremendous work sharing his journey and experience with lacrosse and everything that comes with it. We were fortunate get in contact with him and collaborate on a custom Super Stringing sock.

We encourage you guys to check out his channel to see what he's all about. Super Stringing has got some amazing content and is the embodiment of what we love about our sport.

Great stuff Jack — Keep on sharing your passion and doing your part in growing the game! 


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