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  • *A portion of all proceeds are donated to First Nations lacrosse teams.

    In Iroquois culture, lacrosse serves many roles. As a lacrosse company, we try to remain mindful of this culture with our design. 📐

    One of those roles is its ability to heal, inspiring its reputation as "the medicine game." Lacrosse matches would be hosted to help the spirits of a sick community member or resolve disputes, a social ill. These medicine games bring communities together and strengthens them in times of adversity.

    The centred, purple figure front the crown of the hat depicts a variation of the human symbol found in many Iroquois friendship wampum belts, paying homage to lacrosse's role in binding communities.

    Accenting the front panels of the cap is a herringbone fabric, a timeless textile. We selected it because of its loose resemblance to Iroquois Ever-growing Tree motif. 🌲Perhaps you've noticed the triangular pattern on the Iroquois Nationals' helmets. Or maybe you have seen the wampum itself. 

    The Ever-growing Tree was planted to signify peace between 5 founding nations of the Iroquois confederacy. Under it, all nations buried their weapons. .
    The tree continued to grow on these weapons, up to the Sky World for all to see. It is said that our ancestors continue to play lacrosse in the Sky World. ☁️

    Atop the tree is an eagle, who watches over the horizons, ready to warn of any danger. 🦅

    The roots continued to spread across the land: a guide to trace back to peace; a symbol of strength, resilience, and unity of the Iroquois. 🔗

    We were inspired by this history and wanted to incorporate a subtle nod to it in this hat.

    Product Specs:

    • 🥍 Structured, 6 panel, low-crown cap, Pre-curved, Adjustable snap back
    • 🥍 Material: 3D embroidery, herringbone (100% wool), perforated performance fabric (100% polyester)
    • 🥍 Spot clean/hand wash